DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch

Providing advanced VDP automation and workflow capabilities

The DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch is a powerful and fully automated system for producing Variable Data output in PDF, PDF/VT, or PPML format. The system is designed to process InDesign documents that have been prepared using DesignMerge Pro software for Adobe InDesign, and can be used to create totally automated workflows capable of processing and routing thousands of records of variable data, all with complete error checking and virtually no user intervention. Please click here to download the DesignMerge Automation data sheet, or feel free to check out the video below for an overview of the DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch.  [ 5 min ]



System Overview

About DesignMerge Pro Software

DesignMerge Pro is a powerful variable data printing (VDP) tool that works directly with the Adobe InDesign page layout application to produce personalized output in a variety of optimized formats. In the basic process, Adobe InDesign documents are prepared using DesignMerge Pro by assigning Variable Links to document content. A Variable Link is a DesignMerge Pro feature that is essentially a link to a field to be imported from a flat-file database. Each Variable Link can be designed to import text or image information from a corresponding database field, thereby producing a personalized set of Adobe InDesign pages. These pages are subsequently exported in an optimized VDP output format, such as PDF/VT, or PPML. In addition to the basic merge and output capabilities, the software provides many advanced VDP features, including automatic copy-fitting, conditional logic programming, multi-up imposition, and VDP preflighting. All of these advanced features are accessible via the Configurator implementation. For more information about the basic functionality of DesignMerge Pro, please see the DesignMerge Video Pages on this site.

About the DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch

The DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch allows the user to completely automate any DesignMerge VDP process. In a typical scenario, documents are first prepared using DesignMerge Pro and Adobe InDesign for the desktop. Variable Links are assigned within the document content, and the user can preview and preflight the document to prepare it for processing with Switch. Once prepared, the Document, Database, and associated Assets (fixed and variable graphics, etc.) are submitted as Input to a Switch Flow. These items are referred to as the Flow Input, or simply as the Job. A Switch Flow that utilizes the DesignMerge Pro Configurator can be designed to preflight the files, create multi-up versions of variable documents, and to merge data files with the document to produce PDF, PDF/VT or PPML output. The resulting output files can then be further routed to other Flow elements, such as a printer hot folder.

Technical Specifications & Downloads

Complete details about the DesignMerge Pro Configurator setup and operation

If you are already running the DesignMerge Pro Configurator, this section provides everything you need to start building out your DesignMerge Pro Flow, including software and input requirements, Configurator downloads, Property specifications, and a nice set of example Flows. For access to this page, please send an email request to our support department.

More Information...

For more information, including pricing, product demonstrations, or to purchase a license for the DesignMerge Pro Configurator, please send an email to our sales department, or feel free to contact us at our main office.