Linear Bar Code Module

The Bar Code module can be used to produce any of the following bar codes inside of an Adobe InDesign document. When used in conjunction with our DesignMerge software module, the Bar Code module allows you to create variable bar codes based on data that is extracted from a specified database field.

Bar Codes Supported

With the Bar Code module, DesignMerge can create the following bar codes during a merge:

• PostNet
• USPS Intelligent Mail
• Codabar
• CODE 128-A
• CODE 128-B
• CODE 128-C
• CODE 39
• CODE 39 (Full ASCII)
• EAN-13
• Interleaved 2 of 5
• Interleaved 2 of 5 (TEXT)
• JAN-13
• MSI-Plessey

Bar Code Fonts

All of the fonts listed above are included as a standard component of the Bar Code Module. Because of their special encoding, these are the only fonts that are supported by the Bar Code Utility and DesignMerge software. You may use these fonts on a royalty-free basis, as long as they are used with Meadows Publishing Solutions software.

More Details

Using the Bar Code Module

Bar Code Utility

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