Batch Print™

The Batch Print XTensions™ module for QuarkXPress™ assists in streamlining your printing operation by allowing groups of QuarkXPress documents to be printed automatically. Documents can be output to any PostScript printer supported by QuarkXPress, and Batch Print even supports output to disk file as well.

Process Hundreds of Documents

Like all of our XTensions, Batch Print is intuitive and very easy to use. Simply navigate to the documents you wish to print and add them to the "Print List". Batch Print can process hundreds of documents at a time!

After selecting your documents and choosing your Page and Print setup values, just press a button and Batch Print takes care of the rest. It will open each document, set up default Page/Print setup options, and send each document to the selected printer.

Many Special Updating and Tracking Features

Batch Print handles every aspect of the printing operation including automatic updating of modified pictures, tracking EPS font and color usage, tracking missing DCS plates, separation of document spot colors, and much more. It even allows you to keep a log file for each session so you can start printing now, and check for errors later on.

Discontinuous Pages and Image Cataloging

In addition, Batch Print has a special option that lets you print each page of a document as a separate print job or PostScript file, as well as allowing you to specify discontinuous page ranges. And if you would like to catalog your artwork, try the Print Picture Names option which instructs Batch Print to output the name and/or dimensions of each graphic on top of every picture box in the document.


Batch Print is ideal for service bureaus, in-house production departments, or any other high-volume printing environment where groups of documents must be printed quickly, easily and without the need for user intervention.