Batch Update™

If you store your graphics on a file server, or if you ever have to move your graphics to a new location, then the Batch Update XTensions™ module to QuarkXPress™ is for you. This product automatically updates all modified and missing pictures throughout an entire group of QuarkXPress documents, ensuring that the original picture position and parameters are fully retained. There is also an option to save the updated documents under a different filename.

Using Batch Update

Like our other batch processing XTensions modules, Batch Update is a snap to use. Select your jobs using our file selection dialog and click OK. Then, have a cup of coffee while the software scans your documents and updates the pictures.

Options for Missing and Modified Pictures

For missing pictures, you can instruct Batch Update to prompt you for their location, skip the picture, or you can specify up to 10 search volumes or folders and let it find them for you. And if you enable the Search all sub-folders option, it will scan through all sub-folders of the specified search paths as well. For Modified pictures, you can instruct the software to update them automatically, prompt before each update, or leave the modified images alone.

Detailed Picture Usage

Batch Update also maintains a complete report file which details picture usage throughout all documents. If you work with a large number of documents or images, Batch Update is a must-have production tool!