MPS CopyFit™

Professional copy-fitting software for Adobe® InDesign®

CopyFit is a software module for Adobe InDesign that is designed to detect and remedy overset (or underset) text conditions in any document. The product is bundled with the Meadows DesignMerge Pro software, but is also available for purchase as an optional module for DesignMerge Catalog, or as a standalone desktop version (see details below, or click here to download a PDF version of the CopyFit data sheet).

How CopyFit Works

CopyFit works by modifying overset text within a box using a set of attribute parameters (point size, scaling, leading, etc.) as a guide. All of the CopyFit parameters are user-definable, and can also be changed to specify the order in which the parameters are applied. CopyFit settings can be defined and stored as sets. Each box in a layout can be “tagged” with its own set of unique CopyFit settings, and the tagged boxes can be copy fit at any time. CopyFit settings and operations are controlled via the CopyFit palette (shown below). CopyFit can work interactively on a single box, or can process an entire document with a single click.

Choose Your Style

In addition to providing extensive control over copyfit parameter selection, the user can also choose from one of several pre-defined “fit styles,” that can be used to simulate practically any copyfitting methodology. By selecting the appropriate style, a designer can programmatically mimic the steps that they would take to copyfit a box manually. This exclusive feature ensures an aesthetically pleasing result.

Automatic Error Checking

CopyFit can also be configured to automatically check for overset conditions during Save, Print, or Save as EPS operations, prompting the user when such conditions are detected.

Bundled and Integrated with DesignMerge® Pro

CopyFit is bundled with the Meadows DesignMerge Pro variable data software package. When the CopyFit option is enabled inside of DesignMerge, overset text conditions are detected and remedied on-the-fly during the DesignMerge session. This ensures that variable data is fully visible, and does not clip or overrun the specified box area.

CopyFit™ Scripting and API

AppleScript Support

The CopyFit module can be utilized in an AppleScript environment when used in conjunction with the Meadows AppleScript module. Using the Meadows AppleScript module, you can copyfit an entire document from within your script and receive a count of the number of overset boxes in the document. The Meadows AppleScript Module is available as a separate purchase.

If you have additional questions about CopyFit Desktop or CopyFit Server, please give us a call, or send an e-mail to our sales department.