Copy Grabber™

If you have ever wished that you could Cut, Copy and Paste an entire column of tabular copy in two easy steps, then the Copy Grabber™ XTensions™ module to QuarkXPress™ is ideal for you. Copy Grabber is the latest in the Meadows line of Grabber XTensions, which use the incredibly effective Marquee method of text and element selection.

Cut, Copy or Paste Text...Vertically!

To use Copy Grabber, click on the Copy Grabber tool in the QuarkXPress tool palette and drag a marquee around the page area you wish to modify. When you release the mouse, the dialog box appears allowing you to Cut or Copy all of the text within the marquee area. Click the desired button, or use the shortcut keys to complete your selection (see sample below).

Remove a Column

In an instant you can remove a column of text and copy it to the special Copy Grabber clipboard. And with our Smart Tabs feature, Copy Grabber eliminates the majority of cleanup work such as removing extra tab characters at the end of a line, or inserting a tab character if you need one.Paste an Entire Column

You can also paste a complete column of text just like you can with many sophisticated word processing systems. To paste the column, position the I-beam where you want the column to be inserted and hit Command-Option-V. It will automatically insert and position your text column like magic, adding or removing tab characters where necessary.

With Copy Grabber, working with tables has never been easier! This XTensions module is perfect for annual reports, catalog work, or any other type of work involving tabular composition.

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