DesignMerge® Pro Bundle

The DesignMerge® Professional Bundle is a suite of software modules for QuarkXPress® and Adobe® InDesign® that provide sophisticated mail-merge, variable data printing, and document assembly features. Variable data means that each copy of a printed document can be “personalized”, changing items such as name, address, and even graphics. The entire process is database-driven, completely flexible, and very easy to use. Please continue reading for more details, or use the Quick Links below to jump to a particular area of interest.

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CopyFit™ Module (Detect and Repair Overset Text)
Rules Module (Conditional Logic Features)
GroupPicture™ Module (Variable Sub-layouts)
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Cross-Platform and Well Supported

DesignMerge is the only cross-platform (Macintosh and Windows), variable data printing software module on the market today. DesignMerge supports all of the popular VI output formats, and has been embraced by most of the major players in the variable data marketplace, including Xerox, Xeikon, Canon, Creo, and EFI. Please visit our partners page for more information, or if you have heard enough already, then please click here to download a DesignMerge demo now!

Menu-Driven User Interface

Every aspect of the DesignMerge interface is menu-driven. To setup your document, use the DesignMerge floating palette to identify variable text or picture information in your QuarkXPress or InDesign document. Then, select the database file you wish to use and start the DesignMerge session. Quickly, DesignMerge cycles through each record of the database, populates the variable fields in your document, and prints the merged results. You also have the option of saving the merged documents in a number of different file formats, or performing a “preflight session” to check for errors.

Conditional Logic

The Pro Bundle includes the DesignMerge Rules Module which provides powerful, conditional processing features. Conditional processing (if-then-else statements) provide the ability to perform specific actions based upon the contents of one or more database fields. Rules can be attached to Links, Boxes, or Pages, and can be used to conditionally modify virtually every aspect of the data or the document layout. Click here for more details about the DesignMerge Rules Module.

On-The-Fly Copy Fitting of Overset Text

DesignMerge is also bundled with our CopyFit software module. CopyFit works in conjunction with DesignMerge to automatically remedy text “overflow” (or underflow) conditions within text. An overflow condition occurs when the data that is imported into a variable field within the layout is longer than the space allotted. This can result in data that is “clipped,” or not visible at all on the printed piece.

CopyFit works by modifying overset text within a document using a set of attribute parameters (point size, scaling, leading, etc.) as a guide. All of the CopyFit parameters are user-definable, and can also be changed to specify the order in which the parameters are applied. In addition, you can choose from one of several pre-defined “fit styles,” which allows you to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. CopyFit can be activated automatically by DesignMerge whenever an overset condition is detected. In addition, the product can be used on “underset” boxes where it is desired to have the text expand to completely fill the entire box area. This incredibly sophisticated feature is an absolute must-have for any variable data application.

Tightly Integrated with GroupPicture

When used in conjunction with our GroupPicture™ software module, DesignMerge becomes a powerful document production tool, ideal for creating all types of “templated” layouts, such as business cards, certificates, custom catalogs, identification cards, and the like. To use this feature, save your individual templates as GroupPicture elements, and then treat them just like pictures. Populate a document with individual GroupPictures, and merge the variable data at the same time. The DesignMerge CD-ROM contains a number of tutorial files which guide you through the entire process.

PostScript Printing & Image Caching
Separates Fixed/Variable Data

DesignMerge includes a unique printing feature which is designed for digital, short-run color printers and copiers where fast throughput is a major concern. At print time, this option automatically determines which areas of the document will vary, and allows you to send either the static (non-changing), or variable data to the printer. If your printer supports forms caching, you can use this feature to cache the static (non-changing) data as a “form” at the printer. Subsequent print jobs contain only variable information and are automatically merged with the “form” at the printer. This prevents the need to re-RIP the full document each time, and ensures fast processing of variable information. If you do not own a forms-caching printer, then our built-in Image Caching support will provide the same level of throughput on virtually any PostScript printer.

DesignMerge Print Drivers, Bar Coding, and Other Options

While DesignMerge outputs directly to any PostScript device, we also offer high-performance drivers for digital printers, including PPML and Creo VPS. Click here to see the complete list of DesignMerge Options.

Good Roots

Since DesignMerge is based on our best-selling database publishing product AutoPrice™, you can be sure that the power and flexibility will be formidable. No other software bundle on the market provides this much power with a straightforward, menu-driven user interface.

DesignMerge Partners

Our list of partners is growning every year, and currently includes most of the major companies in the variable data printing marketplace. Please click here to visit our partners page now.

DesignMerge Awards

The DesignMerge product has been the recipient of two coveted Seybold Hot Pick awards, one in 1999 for DesignMerge Pro, and again at the 2001 conference where we won an award for our DesignMerge Web product.

One client was so impressed, that after reading about DesignMerge and looking at all the competing products, he invited us back to his shop in NYC after the show for a “real-world” demonstration. In 10 minutes (no kidding) we were printing custom, 12-page, full-color publications on a Xeikon engine. Note that this same process had previously taken the client literally days to set up the Quark templates, and hours to run them off. Now that's productivity!

If you have additional questions, please give us a call, or send an e-mail to our sales department.