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Application: Variable Data ID Cards

Buying software is just one of the costs of doing business. But, when you buy software and it ends up making you money – seriously, what could be better? DesignMerge truly changed the way we do business. We can promise jobs faster, because we know we can turn them around faster. We’ve pretty much eliminated internal errors, because if the first few look good and the database is accurate – they all look good. And, if there is a problem with the data - DesignMerge tells you where.

I’ve had a few questions along the way, but if I thought the software worked well, I was blown away by the customer service. You are always afraid that new solutions will be too complicated, but the DesignMerge team made it seem effortless.

Jay Beber
Woodland Associates, Inc.

Application: Catalog Production 

After years of manually updating our main 900-page catalog, along with numerous smaller ones we produce, we came across AutoPrice, and what a time saver it has been! We can now in a matter of minutes re-price, verify our data, and create our indexes, a job that in the past took weeks of tedious keying, and spot-check proofing. Being a very user-friendly, easy-to-learn add-on, we are looking ahead to other ways we can incorporate its functionality in our chart-heavy applications. I highly recommend Meadows Publishing Solutions; working with them has been nothing short of a positive experience.

Jodi Eyles
Catalog Manager
Nivel Parts & Manufacturing

Application: Numbering 

DesignMerge is great software! We only use it for numbering and it's worth every penny. It allows us to take on more work and not be afraid of meeting deadlines. It's a must for any digital printing outfit. We can't wait to explore what else it can do for us!

HR Graphics

Application: Catalog Production 

I have been using AutoPrice for Adobe InDesign for a number of years. AutoPrice helps us update the pricing on each page of our 3,000+ page catalog much faster than trying to update each price individually, and the reporting features help to catch any errors. We also use the AutoPrice reporting features to let us know what part number is on a particular page. In addition, we recently started to use the new PDF Exporter feature which is a very helpful tool that works with AutoPrice. Using this feature, we are able to link the part numbers in AutoPrice, and then use PDF Exporter to automatically export individual PDF files with hyperlinks in place for every single part number. This is a much faster process than using the linking feature in InDesign, and the fact that it is integrated with AutoPrice makes document setup very easy to manage. I have been working with Meadows for several years, and they are very easy to work with and have excellent technical support.

Vanita Ellis
Catalog Manager
Mouser Electronics

Application: Direct Mail, Internal Correspondence 

The DesignMerge Software has far exceeded our expectations, as well as expanded our capabilities in the realm of variable data production. The easy-to-navigate interface, combined with its robust functionality make it user-friendly and very much capable of processing practically all document types and layouts that contain multiple variable components.

We have used DesignMerge to create new templates for all of our outgoing mail applications. We also use it on a weekly basis for all of our internal correspondence to over 300,000 members and partners. DesignMerge, in my opinion, far surpasses all other software applications that offer similar functionality. I highly recommend DesignMerge for any and all companies that require variable data production.

Aaron Price
Print Center Supervisor
World Changers Church International

Application: University Print Services 


We like DesignMerge, in particular, for the way it integrates with
InDesign. We can design effective pieces with the Adobe tools that we
already know and use and offer our clients the kind of personalized
print pieces that they believe improve their response rates. In
addition, when we were first trying to exploit the full potential of
DesignMerge, Meadows Publishing Solutions arranged for a very
knowledgeable and patient expert to guide us through the features of
the product and to discuss the options we have in creating pieces, and
the tradeoffs that we need to consider.

Sean O'Donnell-Brown
Western Illinois University Print Services

Application: Student Recruiting 


I have been using DesignMerge in conjunction with Adobe InDesign and love it. It has given me more freedom when it comes to setting up projects that are going to be used in recruiting. The ability to change fonts, pictures, and do a mail merge all within the same document is a wonderful tool. Personalization is only a few clicks away for any job. The software is very user-friendly and easy to learn. Another good feature is that someone can build an InDesign document on one computer and then I can add the personalization, using DesignMerge, on mine. I would recommend DesignMerge to anyone who wants to have the ability at their fingertips to enhance their variable data documents.

Karen Hunter
K-State Printing Services
Manhattan, Kansas

Application: Variable Data



I would like to thank you again for all the help we received from DesignMerge and your great support staff. Until last week we had only used your software for basic numbering. One of our clients came to us in dire straits with a huge problem and an even tighter deadline. They needed to get tickets printed with variable data and barcoding for the Arena Football League, and had no one else to turn to. With the great assistance from your tech support and your great software, DesignMerge, we were able to produce these tickets and meet their deadline.

Thanks to your company's help the variable data tickets worked great and no problems were reported on any of the 7,000 tickets scanned at the gate.

I can't say enough about my positive experience working with Meadows Publishing Solutions.

Thank You
William A. Tomory
Operations Manager
City Printing Company

Application: Custom Candy Wrappers 

DesignMerge is a great software tool to have. It allows me to number on my digital press along with variable data and variable imaging. I own both InDesign and QuarkXPress versions.

John Marcucci, President

Application: Direct Mail 

I did a lot of research before choosing a VDP program. DesignMerge has more to offer every time I use it! The print is seamless, and the thought these developers put into the details attest to their knowledge of the print industry. It's like the "Photoshop" of Variable Data, more features everytime you use it, and more potential to accommodate so many facets of customer service.

Barb Watson
Jupiter Minuteman Press

Application: Direct Mail 

I've been using DesignMerge for ten years and it's been great! The support group is excellent with helping me to understand the latest features.

Damini Rupnarain
The Data Group of Companies

Application: Direct Mail 

Working for an internal marketing department that produces approximately 300 newspaper adverts a week, as well as sales literature which are all packed with content, we have found DesignMerge to be an incredibly powerful and indispensable tool. With just a bit of set-up, it has saved us countless hours in routine data entry. With full granular control and great functionality, the sky's pretty much the limit as to what you can achieve with this software. I would thoroughly recommend pairing it up with a system with a fast processor just to witness it running at jaw-dropping speeds.

Gordon Orr
Arnold Clark Automobiles

Application: High-volume Business Cards

Our company needed a software solution to meet our variable data needs. After spending several weeks searching for a solution, we found DesignMerge. What I immediately noticed about the software, and liked right away, was the fact that it was accommodating. QuarkXPress and InDesign for the Mac or PC are both offered, making integration of the DesignMerge software quick and seamless. Once the software was installed, it was a snap to use. On the few instances when we needed sales or tech support, Meadows was always quick with the solution in a professional and courteous way. Our company needed to process thousands of business cards and needed the solution to be cost effective - DesignMerge was the answer and we've been nothing short of ecstatic!

James M. Luft
Corcoran Printing

Application: Direct Mail

I've been using DesignMerge for 4+ years now and have been very happy with the results. Processing variable record sets of 20 to 120,000 have been no problem. The DesignMerge user-interface allows me to create output as simple as variable-salutation letters, and as complex as writing detailed multi-layered rules that result in true 1:1 marketing pieces. Our team works with very long firm names and the CopyFit functionality allows us to address these challenges without compromising the design or the data. Also, the DesignMerge support through Meadows Publishing Solutions is a BIG PLUS. The help is individualized and they are always ready to dig into my various questions. After using a number of variable data programs/plug-ins on the market, DesignMerge continues to impress me.

Rob Henderson
Thomson West

Application: Botanical Tags; POP Material

We started using DesignMerge in October of 2004 to automate the process of producing fully variable botanical tags and POP material for our customers. Within two years of utilizing the software, we reduced our staffing in the preproduction area by almost 1/3 due to the efficiencies gained. We have found that we can create more consistency in our product lines, utilize the information in our databases with greater accuracy, while producing creative products.

Julie Rice

Application: Direct Mail

T&L Printing Company has been in business since 1969 as a traditional small commercial offset printing company. In 2003 the decision was made to go digital and three years later we are about 60% digital. When Variable Data began to really come into the market, we purchased an 'entry-level' VDP software package and began to learn. However, it soon became obvious that we needed some help in learning this new and exciting aspect of our business. The 'entry-level' software was inexpensive but really offered very little in the way of features or support. Without the extra time to simply learn by trial and error, we sought out a better product.

We had been using QuarkXPress as our primary layout software for years, and were considering a switch to InDesign in the future, so we wanted a program that could accommodate both. After reviewing a number of products, we decided to purchase DesignMerge. The product was so much simpler to learn through the great sample projects and the detailed tutorials. These are real life samples - not just simple straightforward jobs that anyone could create. I learned more in one weekend with the tutorials for DesignMerge than I did in six months of trying to learn the 'other' software we had purchased. When we did come across an issue that we couldn't seem to figure out, we simply called support and Meadows' support department knew exactly what we needed to do to fix the issue.

DesignMerge has changed our business and continues to do so daily. We are now able to produce jobs that most people think could only come from much larger printing companies. We believe that technology opens just as many doors as it closes to any business, and DesignMerge technology has certainly opened a door for our company. The incredible support that Meadows has offered makes any future need we have a simple decision.

Doug Comingore
T&L Printing Co., LLC

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