DesignMerge Rules Module

The DesignMerge Rules Module is a component of the DesignMerge Pro Bundle that provides powerful, conditional processing features. Conditional processing (if-then-else statements) provide the ability to perform specific actions based upon the contents of one or more database fields. A simple example would be to add a salutation (Mr., Mrs., etc.) based on the contents of a different database field, such as gender (M, F).

Menu-Driven User Interface

The interface for the Rules Module is completely menu-driven – there is no need to “hand code” conditional statements. Although the interface is easy to use, it provides more than enough power to construct even the most complicated, “nested” statements. In addition, the product supports an extensive list of “qualifiers”, including our unique “List Qualifiers” which can greatly simplify statement construction.

Link, Box, and Page Rules

Rules can be applied to individual Variable Links, Boxes, or entire document pages. Link Rules serve to modify the data that is about to be merged into a specific Variable Link. Box Rules can be used to modify the attributes of any Text or Picture box in the layout. And Page Rules can be used to modify the entire document layout.


DesignMerge supports a large set of pre-defined Actions that can be applied to data, boxes, or page content in a QuarkXPress or InDesign layout. For each Rule, the user can define up to six unique Actions that can be triggered when a specified condition occurs. If an Action is not supported directly by DesignMerge, the user can define their own Actions by using AppleScript. This unique ability to create user-defined actions means that virtually every aspect of the document layout can be controlled by the DesignMerge user. Here is a sample of some of the pre-defined Actions available with DesignMerge.

Show Alert
Set Data to
Get Data from Link Name
Apply Style Sheet
Delete Box
Set Box Color
Set Frame Color
Apply Master Page

Testing & Debugging

The Rules Module also includes several unique testing and debugging features that allow the user to interactively preview their Rules using live data. In addition, the user can enable “Debug Mode” which will display a preview of each rule just before it is evaluated during an actual merge session. These features make the Rule definition process very easy to manage.

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