Math Grabber™

The Math Grabber™ XTensions™ module to QuarkXPress™ allows you to perform mathematical calculations on numerical text appearing anywhere in a QuarkXPress document. Like all of the Grabbers, Math Grabber uses our unique Marquee method of text selection which makes working with tabular material (such as price charts or financial tables) incredibly fast and easy.

Change Columns of Prices Automatically

For example, assume you need to decrease all prices in a column by 15% (see sample chart below). To do so, just click on the Math Grabber tool, drag a marquee around the price column you wish to change, enter the discount and click OK. Math Grabber scans the selected area, calculates the new amounts, and inserts the resulting values automatically.


Specify Precision / Works with Different Currencies

And Math Grabber is flexible, allowing you to specify the exact precision of each calculation, or to automatically determine the correct precision by looking at the existing text. It lets you create "separator sets" which can be recalled and applied at any time. This feature can be very useful, especially when you are working with mixed currency formats in the same document. And like all of our other Grabbers, Undo/Redo is fully supported.

Note: If you need more complete price control, check out our AutoPrice™ XTension.


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