The Renumberer™ XTensions™ module to QuarkXPress™ will automatically set consecutive page numbering across multiple QuarkXPress documents. This XTensions module is useful for larger publications which are composed of multiple QuarkXPress documents, each one holding only a single page, spread or section of the final piece.

Easy to Use

To use the XTension, select the documents you wish to renumber, enter the starting page number, and go. Renumberer opens each document, sets the appropriate page numbering, and moves on to the next job in the list. When it's finished, the pages are properly numbered and all QuarkXPress automatic page numbers will reflect the new ordering.

Handy Features

Using our advanced file selection dialog, you can select individual files, or scan an entire volume or folder for QuarkXPress documents. The list can be re-ordered by simply dragging a document to a new position, and job lists can be saved and re-imported at any time. We also include a feature to hide document windows during processing which speeds things up tremendously.

If your publication spans multiple QuarkXPress documents then Renumberer is definitely the XTensions module for you.


If you would like further info on our XTensions™ for QuarkXPress™, please contact:
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