MPS Scripting Module

The MPS Scripting Module is an optional component that provides access to a very robust scripting library for many Meadows software products, including DesignMerge, AutoPrice, CopyFit and GroupPicture. Using this module, scripts can be developed in AppleScript, JavaScript or VBScript, and can be used to control practically every aspect of each Meadows software product. Here are just a few of the areas where our clients have utilized the MPS Scripting Module.

Publishing Automation

Meadows has worked with many clients to develop custom, automated publishing solutions utilizing the MPS Scripting Module. As an example, we recently developed a database-driven system for producing customized, multi-page PDF's, where each page was selected from a list of available master pages, personalized, assembled into a final document, and then exported and named using a client ID value also taken from a database field.

Custom Actions

In addition to publishing automation, DesignMerge customers can utilize the Scripting Module to create custom "actions" that can be attached to any DesignMerge rule. As an example, one customer was producing on-demand books, where the front cover, back cover, and spine were all personalized and printed digitally. DesignMerge worked great for their application, except they needed a way to be able to adjust the width of the spine box based upon the number of pages that were going to be published in the book (the number of pages was also in a database field). Using the MPS Scripting Module, we developed a small script that was triggered by a DesignMerge rule, which read the page count from the database record being processed. Then, based upon the page count value, the script performed a quick calculation and proceeded to perfectly adjust the width of the spine box during the DesignMerge merge and print session.

Print Automation

For print-based workflows, the MPS Print Automation Module extends the Scripting Module capabilities by providing access to a set of scripting commands used to control full PPML output. Meadows has automated a number of systems that utilize hands-off automated PPML production with all output routed to one or more digital presses.

More Information

If you are interested in the Meadows Scripting Module for a publishing automation project, please send an email and we will forward a copy of our SDK. We can also provide consulting and development services to help make your project a reality.