Tab Grabber™

The Tab Grabber™ XTensions™ module to QuarkXPress™ allows you to select and modify tab settings without the need to edit Quark™ style sheets or change tab settings one at a time. Forget about drag-selecting your tabs the old-fashioned way--just use the unique new Tab Grabber Marquee tool and "grab" what you need to change. This selection method lets you choose exactly which text and tab settings you wish to work with and like all of our Grabber XTensions, the Tab Grabber is incredibly easy to use.

Just Drag a Marquee

To use Tab Grabber, simply select the Tab Grabber tool from the QuarkXPress tool palette, and drag the Marquee around any page area you wish to change (see sample below):

Nudge Tabs, Change Alignment or Fill Character

Once you have selected the area to work with, you will be presented with the Tab Grabber dialog which appears similar to the XPress Tabs... dialog. Enter a specific "nudge" amount, or use the "nudge arrows" to position your tabs visually! You can also change the tab alignment and fill character if you wish.

Preview your Changes

Select the "Apply" button to preview your changes, and click OK when you are satisfied with the result. And don't worry if you make a mistake because all of the Grabbers provide complete Undo/Redo capability by pressing Cmd-Option-Z. Best of all, the selection area can span multiple text boxes making it the ideal tool for those last minute changes.


If you would like further info on our XTensions™ for QuarkXPress™, please contact:
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