Text Grabber™

The Text Grabber™ XTensions™ module to QuarkXPress™ provides a unique new way for the QuarkXPress operator to select and modify text. Rather than drag-selecting text the old-fashioned way, the Text Grabber tool lets you Marquee a complete page area instead. This selection method lets you choose exactly which text you wish to change, spanning multiple text boxes if necessary.

Great for Tables

Text Grabber is incredibly easy to use. Simply select the Text Grabber tool from the QuarkXPress tool palette, and drag the marquee around any page area you wish to modify. The selected area remains marqueed for easy reference, and the operator is presented with a dialog similar to the XPress Character... dialog (see sample below):

Change Text Attributes or Load Style Sheets

Any changes entered into the Text Grabber dialog will be applied to all text within the marqueed area, regardless of which boxes contain the text. Change any text attribute you want: font, size, color--even the track amount, scale or baseline shift. You can even load the text attributes associated with your favorite style sheet.

Supports Undo/Redo

Use the Apply button to preview your changes, and hit OK when you are satisfied with the result. If you make a mistake, the Grabber Undo/Redo feature will put you right back where you started. Text Grabber is perfect for quickly changing complete columns within tabular composition.


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