AutoPrice™ Sales FAQs


Q. What is AutoPrice Exporter Pro, and how does it work?

A. Exporter Pro is a separate module that works in conjunction with AutoPrice. This product allows you to export the content of all AutoPrice tags contained in one or more documents into a flat-file data structure.

The interface addresses common problems found in most catalog applications, such as multiple SKU’s which all share a common piece of data (e.g. descriptive copy, manufacturer information, etc.). The text files produced by Exporter Pro can be imported by virtually any database or spreadsheet application.

Q. Can Exporter Pro process a batch of documents?

A. Yes. Exporter Pro takes full advantage of the built-in batch processing features that are provided by AutoPrice.

Q. Who might user a product like Exporter Pro?

A. For many catalogers, the fundamental problem they all share is that their printed catalog is often their most up-to-date source of data. Last minute changes are often made in the printed catalog, and never filter back to the main product database or online catalog system. Most of our customers utilize Exporter Pro to extract content from their documents for populating some type of external database, be it a full-blown content management system, mainframe-based business system, or a web site or online catalog.