Production & Printing Software

Our Production & Printing software can help you save valuable time when working with multiple documents. Designed to take the time-consuming monotony out of repetitive processes, these productivity-enhancing tools will expedite and conserve effort with all of your QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign projects!

Page Printer™

The MPS Page Printer™ module for QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign allows you to output each page or spread of a document in EPS or PostScript format. For EPS output, users have the option of embedding fonts within the EPS files. For PostScript output, users have the option of creating PostScript disk files, or printing directly to a PostScript printer. The handy “Page Selection” dialog makes it easy to choose the pages or spreads you want to print, and the naming options give you control over the final output filename. Page Printer is a must-have for anyone working with third party imposition systems, or publishing PDF pages to the web.

Picture Namer

Picture Namer XTensions identify each picture that has been placed in a QuarkXPress document. The XTensions will place a text box on top of each picture box in the document, and then fill that box with the name of the picture. The text and/or box size is automatically adjusted to accommodate the picture name, and several different box positioning options can be specified. The new version also permits specification of the background color to use for the name boxes. The picture name boxes can be toggled on and off and can also be suppressed from printing. This utility provides a convenient way of cataloging the images used in any QuarkXPress document. Click here for more details.

Batch Print

Prints hundreds of QuarkXPress™ documents automatically. Handles every aspect of the printing operation including one-time page/print setup, automatic updating of modified pictures, separation of spot colors, EPS font and color management, and more. Also maintains a detailed report file of all printing activity.

Batch Update

Updates all modified and missing pictures throughout an entire group of documents. Supports three options for missing pictures: Prompt, Skip or Search. Up to 10 different search volumes can be specified along with sub-folder options. Also generates a complete report file detailing picture usage throughout all documents.