Catalog & Retail Solutions

Meadows has an excellent reputation for developing software for the Catalog and Retail industry. Our AutoPrice™ suite of products is utilized by more than 800 of the largest catalog companies in the United States and Europe.

AutoPrice is a powerful software application that is ideal for performing last-minute price changes, or creating multi-market price versions of catalog pages. It can process text, picture or article information and can access flat-file or ODBC-compliant databases. AutoPrice has revolutionized the catalog production process by eliminating the need for manual price and copy changes, allowing up-to-date information to be incorporated into printed or PDF catalog pages.

The products we offer for the Catalog and Retail marketplace are summarized below:

Product Name



Automatic price updates
Copy and picture updating
Catalog Versioning

PDF Exporter

Convert AutoPrice placeholders into fully customized and embedded hyperlinks

Squinch Reporter

Produce comprehensive square-inch analysis reports from catalog pages using AutoPrice

Data Exporter

Export QuarkXPress or InDesign document content to populate web or content databases

Index Builder

Automates production of catalog indexes
Fully integrated with AutoPrice

ODBC Module

Provides ODBC connectivity for AutoPrice


Archive complete "product blocks"
Create "pick-up" catalogs

The Grabbers™

Change type style across any page area
Copy, Cut & Paste tabular columns
Reposition tabular columns
Perform spreadsheet-like calculations

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