AutoPrice Data Exporter Module

When your document is your database

If you are like many of our AutoPrice catalog customers, then your most up-to-date product information always seems to reside inside of your Adobe InDesign catalog pages. After all, that's where most of the last-minute changes are being made, and who has the time to perform double-entry of data for every small modification?

If only there were a way to extract the data from your catalog pages directly into a database table, one that can be used for many other purposes. Good news – the AutoPrice Data Exporter module may be just the solution that you need!

The AutoPrice Data Exporter module allows you to organize and extract content (text, picture, and styling information) from any Adobe InDesign documents that have been prepared using AutoPrice. This powerful module extracts the tagged data and organizes it into a database-compatible format according to a set of predefined specifications. The extracted data can then be used to populate Web, e-Commerce, or Digital Content databases.

And the AutoPrice Data Exporter module is powerful enough to handle even the most sophisticated requirements, easily taking on complicated product associations, such as multiple SKU's which all share the same description or price. In addition, style-sensitive text formatting and translation table support permit export of complex numeric data, such as fractions.

Not already an AutoPrice user? No problem! We can set you up with a Data Exporter version that will work with any InDesign catalog page. Just give us a call.


  • Exports InDesign content into tables compatible with any database or spreadsheet system

  • Style-sensitive text formatting and translation table support

  • Operates interactively or in batch processing mode

  • Allows for inclusion of HTML, XML, and custom tags

Try it Out!

To request a trial code for the Data Exporter module, or if you have any questions, please email the Meadows sales team at