DesignMerge® is an add-on component for the desktop publishing applications, QuarkXPress® and Adobe® InDesign®, which allows users to create customized 1:1 marketing documents by linking a QuarkXPress or InDesign document to a database file. Then, each copy of a printed document can be "personalized", changing items such as name, address, and even graphics. The entire process is database-driven, completely flexible, and very easy to use.

Thousands of marketing, communications, and printing organizations worldwide use DesignMerge:

Corporate marketing departments: Easily customizes brochures, direct mail pieces, business cards, name badges, and more.

Product manufacturers: Quickly automate the process of laying out weekly coupon supplements and customizing and serializing offer stamps.

Event handlers: Perfectly personalize invitations, customize event programs, and serialize tickets.

Financial institutions: Effectively produce customized prospectus information, fund statements, and other highly personalized documents.

Quick printers and digital printers: Extend their market outreach to offer personalization and customization services to their customers.

DesignMerge can emit all of the popular variable data formats, including PS, EPS, PDF, PPML, and VPS.

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