DesignMerge® Options

Linear Bar Code Module
Create Linear Bar Codes from Database Fields

The Linear Bar Code Module allows the user to create linear bar codes, such as Code 128, UPC, and Code 39, directly inside of any Adobe InDesign document. The bar codes are created based on data that is extracted from a specified database field. For more information about the Linear Barcode Module, please click below.

2D Bar Code Module
Create 2D Bar Codes from Database Fields

The 2D Bar Code Module is designed to generate QR Code, Data Matrix and PDF417 two-dimensional bar codes directly in any Adobe InDesign document. The user has complete control over the sizing and encoding aspects of the bar code, and can even control certain styling aspects such as color. Integration with DesignMerge software allows the user to create 2D codes based on data that is extracted from a specified database field. Click here to see a video demonstration of the 2D Bar Code Module.

Supports variable layouts and groups

For DesignMerge customers, save GroupPicture files with embedded DesignMerge links. Then, import the saved groups just like you would a picture file. When the file is imported, all of the links in the group are updated as well. Fantastic for business cards, coupons, or even swapping out full-page variable information. Tightly integrated with DesignMerge, and can also be controlled with the MPS Scripting Module.

Pro Pack
A collection of scripts that extend the power of DesignMerge and AutoPrice

The Pro Pack is a set of utility functions, provided as compiled scripts, that have been integrated with DesignMerge and AutoPrice, and are designed for performing various variable data tasks. As an example, the current Pro Pack provides special features for advanced title case conversion, variable table rows, as well as numeric and price formatting. The Pro Pack functions can be used with any version of DesignMerge or AutoPrice, and represent a very powerful set of tools for specific VDP applications. Customized versions of Pro Pack modules are also available. Please email our sales team for more information about Pro Pack module customization.

Price Style Module
Automatically style pricing data for store signage and other applications

The Price Style Module is designed to format variable prices when used in conjunction with DesignMerge. The Price Style Module allows you to apply custom formatting to prices when they are merged into a document. The Price Style Module also lets you format a price conditionally, depending upon the value of the price. Additionally, you can create more than one Price Style format and apply any number of them to links within your documents. Click here to see a video demonstration of the Price Style module.

ODBC Module (Mac Only)
Connect directly to any ODBC-compliant database

Documents tagged with DesignMerge can be updated in either flat-file, or ODBC mode. The ODBC software module allows users to program their own SQL queries and store them with placeholders inside of their documents. This software module is compatible with most major database packages, and provides true bi-directional data flow between InDesign documents and your database system..

Scripting Module
Provides custom action and workflow automation support

For the ultimate in workflow automation, Meadows has developed a scripting module that provides access to a very robust scripting library. This module allows several of the Meadows software modules (including DesignMerge, AutoPrice, and CopyFit) to be controlled and directed from within the AppleScript, JavaScript or VBScript environments. In addition, you can create custom "actions" that can be attached to any DesignMerge rule. For print-based workflows, full PPML output can also be controlled. This module is a must-have for any DesignMerge power-user.

PDF Exporter Module (for DesignMerge Catalog only)
Automatically export PDF files with fully customized hyperlinks

The AutoPrice PDF Exporter module can automatically convert your AutoPrice placeholders into fully customized and embedded hyperlinks. The module supports a robust set of replaceable parameters that can be used to customize each of the links as they are exported. Full control over link styling is also provided. This module is ideal if you are creating PDF Catalogs, or exporting PDF pages with embedded hyperlinks for use in an online page turning catalog.

Squinch Reporter Module (for DesignMerge Catalog only)
Create square inch reports from any document prepared with AutoPrice

The AutoPrice Squinch Reporter module produces comprehensive Square Inch Analysis reports from one or more catalog pages prepared using AutoPrice. Full SKU-level details about catalog square inch utilization is provided in a customized report format. Support for global, shared and combined square inch areas is also included as a standard feature. If you are tired of wearing a green eye shade and measuring your catalog pages with a ruler, then this one is for you!

Data Exporter Module (for DesignMerge Catalog only)
When your document is your database - this module gets the data out!

The AutoPrice Data Exporter module allows you to organize and extract content (text, picture, and styling information) from any set of Adobe InDesign documents. The extracted content can then be used to populate Web, e-Commerce, or Digital Content databases.


MPS Index Builder (for DesignMerge Catalog only)
Powerful Indexing Software for Catalogers

MPS Index Builder is a software module for Adobe InDesign that provides a very powerful set of tools for creating catalog indexes. Unlike standard indexing products, MPS Index Builder was designed to serve the special needs of catalogers, with a number of unique features that make the product ideal for catalog workflows.

MPS CopyFit (for DesignMerge Catalog only)

CopyFit is a software module for Adobe InDesign that is designed to detect and remedy overset (or underset) text conditions in any document. The product is bundled with the Meadows DesignMerge Pro software, but is also available for purchase as a standalone desktop version. Click the “details” button for additional information.

MPS PageBuilder (for DesignMerge Catalog only)

Automatically build document pages from your database. Creates variable-length tables for products with multiple SKUs.

DesignMerge Print Drivers

The following print drivers are included as standard components of DesignMerge Pro. All of the print drivers have been designed to ensure maximum performance.

PPML Driver

The DesignMerge PPML Driver generates a suite of output files that can be submitted to any PPML-compliant printer. The driver supports a robust PPML feature set, including the ability to create reusable objects such as background forms and variable images. The PPML output produced by DesignMerge is conforms to the PPML specification, and has been fully tested and certified by all of the major PPML consumers.

Creo VPS Driver

The DesignMerge VPS Driver generates Variable PostScript Specification (VPS) files compatible with all Creo systems.

PDF and PDF/VT Driver

DesignMerge includes a PDF Driver module that produces variable output in both PDF as well as PDF/VT formats. The DesignMerge PDF Driver allows you to select any InDesign PDF Export option for the output, and also provides many of the features that are available in the other DesignMerge Print Drivers, such as specifying a maximum number of Page Sets per Job and selecting a Post-Processing Destination. Full control over PDF file naming is also supported. In addition to standard PDF, the PDF Driver allows you to produce output in PDF/VT format, which is an optimized PDF format compatible with PDF-enabled digital print controllers and applications, such as the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE). This PDF format has been optimized for VDP applications.

PostScript Driver

For printers that may not support one of the optimized VDP formats listed above, DesignMerge has always included PostScript output as a standard component.