The Grabbers

The developers at Meadows Publishing Solutions have created a set of XTensions™ for QuarkXPress™ which will change the way you work with QuarkXPress forever. We call them the Grabbers, and each one uses the incredibly simple "marquee" method of text and element selection. Forget about drag-selecting the old-fashioned way--just click one of our tools and "grab" the text you wish to change.

To use a Grabber tool, select it from the QuarkXPress tool palette and drag a marquee around the page area you wish to modify. Release the mouse and the Grabber dialog box appears. Fill in the dialog and click "OK." The Grabber applies the specified changes automatically.

We have Grabber XTensions for changing character attributes and tab settings, performing mathematical calculations, and enhancing the cut, copy and paste features! And every Grabber provides built-in "Undo/Redo" capability so you simply can't make a mistake.

Text Grabber™
Select and modify text attributes vertically, even across multiple text boxes, in two easy steps!

Tab Grabber™
Position tab columns interactively--change alignment or add a fill character at the same time.

Math Grabber™
Perform mathematical operations on tabular data without leaving QuarkXPress.

Copy Grabber™
Cut, copy and paste text by drawing a marquee around the desired area. Great for removing tabular columns!

We also offer our "Grabber Bundle" which includes the Text, Tab and Copy Grabber XTensions bundled together for one low price!