The GroupPicture software module for Adobe® InDesign® provides a unique way to work with catalogs and other publications that utilize “groups”. One example of this would be to archive and re-use catalog “product blocks”, which are groupings of items (picture box, descriptive copy, price chart, etc.) that are related to one or more product SKUs. GroupPicture converts the concept of a “product block” into a tangible element that can be saved, placed, databased, and archived just like an image file.

The GroupPicture software module gives you the power to save complete “groups” of elements (text boxes, picture boxes, lines, etc.) in special files which behave just like pictures. They can be archived, databased, and imported just like any other supported graphic format. The difference is that when you import a GroupPicture file, you get the original, native InDesign elements perfectly positioned on your page and ready to be edited and styled.

GroupPicture™ files “Behave” Just Like Pictures

To use GroupPicture™, start by selecting the group of elements you wish to export (text boxes, picture boxes, design elements, etc.). Then, select “GroupPicture/Save…” from under the Utilities menu, enter a name for the picture, and click Save. A new GroupPicture file will be created and ready for immediate use. There is also an option to save an entire document in GroupPicture format if desired.

Ideal for Use With DesignMerge Pro

For DesignMerge Pro customers, save GroupPicture files with embedded DesignMerge links. Then, import the saved groups just like you would a picture file. When the file is imported, all of the links in the group are updated as well. Fantastic for business cards, coupons, or even swapping out full-page variable information. GroupPicture is tightly integrated with DesignMerge Pro, and can also be controlled with the MPS Scripting Module.

Great for Image Database Applications

GroupPicture is the perfect complement to practically any image database program. Each GroupPicture holds a color thumbnail and full-size preview image making them ideal for cataloging purposes. In addition, you may attach keyword and description information to each GroupPicture at the time of the save. This information will be picked up automatically when the image is cataloged, allowing you to perform keyword or even full text searches for GroupPictures in your favorite image database. GroupPicture also provides a number of options for automatic keywording, and can report additional information relating to fonts, colors and graphics used within the group.

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Publishers Clearing House, one of the largest and most successful direct marketing companies in the world, uses GroupPicture to improve workflow and eliminate some of the most time-consuming processes involved in producing their direct mail campaigns. Please click here to read the press release.