MPS Index Builder

Powerful Indexing Software for Catalogers

MPS Index Builder is a software module for QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign that provides a very powerful set of tools for creating catalog indexes. Unlike standard indexing products, MPS Index Builder was designed to serve the special needs of catalogers, with a number of unique features that make the product ideal for catalog workflows.


Supports creation of both Product and Manufacturer indexes

Supports multi-levels of Product Index entries

Batch Processing - index entries can span hundreds of individual documents, which can be processed together in a single session to create the index

Index entries can be assigned on a “Product Block” basis, and the information is fully retained during copy/cut & paste operations (perfect for creating pick-up catalogs)

Import or export index information, and easily share it with other workstations

Simple, intuitive, menu-driven user interface - one of our best designs

Fully integrated with the Meadows AutoPrice and GroupPicture products

Case Study

J&P Cycles Utilizes AutoPrice & Index Builder to Rev up Catalog Production

Since 2000, J&P Cycles has used AutoPrice to successfully produce three annual catalogs with a combined total of over 2000 pages and 55,000 parts. Though the company initially purchased AutoPrice for its pricing function, they have also become reliant upon its reporting features, as well. And now the Meadows Index Builder, which allows them to quickly generate both product index and brand name indexes, has done for the back-end of the production cycle, what AutoPrice has been doing for the front-end for years. Please click here to read the full case study.