Production & Printing Software

Meadows Publishing Solutions has developed a number of software products for the production, prepress and printing markets. These include our Batch Processing products, which are designed to increase productivity by processing hundreds of documents at a time; Page Printer which prints each page of a document as a seperate postscript or eps file; Picture Namer which provides a convenient way of cataloging the images used in any QuarkXPress document, and our Grabber™ products, which utilize a unique "marquee-style" method of text selection (even across multiple text boxes), allowing you to copy, cut, paste, or style any page area at once; and specialty products such as CopyFit™, Group Picture™, and our 2D Bar Code Module. One of our most popular products is described below, or you may click on the links to the left for additional information on all of our production & prepress software products.