Specialty & Utility


CopyFit is a software module for QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign® (Macintosh or Windows) that is designed to detect and remedy overset (or underset) text conditions in any QuarkXPress document. The product is bundled with the Meadows DesignMerge Pro software, but is also available for purchase as a standalone desktop version. Click the “details” button for additional information.


Save complete groups of QuarkXPress or InDesign elements in a single file which "behaves" just like a picture. Catalog GroupPictures in any image database application (such as B·Media™, Canto Cumulus, Extensis Portfolio, etc.). Drag and drop groups from an image database browser directly onto a document page. A great alternative to using Quark libraries. Bundled and tightly integrated with the DesignMerge and AutoPrice products.

2D Bar Code Module

The MPS 2D Bar Code Module is designed to generate QR Code, PDF417, and Data Matrix bar codes directly in any Adobe InDesign document. The user has complete control over sizing and encoding aspects of the bar code, and can even control certain styling aspects, such as color.