Variable Data Solutions

Under continuous development since 1997, the Meadows DesignMerge® suite of products has evolved into one of the most powerful and flexible variable-data and data publishing solutions on the market today.

DesignMerge is a software package that works with QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign® documents to create personalized direct marketing and other data-driven publications. The product has been embraced by many of the largest digital printing manufacturers in the world, including Xerox, EFI, Xeikon, Canon, Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, and HP/Indigo.

DesignMerge is perfect for handling everything from simple mail-merge projects, to complicated conditional processing applications. The product suite includes built-in features such as copy-fitting, conditional logic, and sequencing that are typically found only in much more expensive composition packages. And best of all, DesignMerge output is fast, clean, and “predictable”, because it utilizes either QuarkXPress or InDesign to handle all of the composition and output tasks. For more information about the use of plug-in technology for variable data printing applications, please click here.

The products we offer for the Variable Data marketplace are summarized below:

Product Name Description

DesignMerge® Pro

This is the main VDP software package, which supports variable text, pictures, articles, and layouts. This product also includes conditional logic support (Rules Module), automated copy-fitting (CopyFit Module), and multi-up and imposition capabilities. Applications include Postcards, Newsletters, Labels, Coupons, POP Material, Store Signage, Business Cards, and Financial Statements.

Linear Bar Code Module

Supports variable linear bar codes in a number of popular formats.

2D Bar Code Module

Supports variable QR Code, Data Matrix and PDF417 bar codes.

Group Picture

Save complete groups of InDesign elements in a single file which "behaves" just like a picture

Price Style Module

Formats incoming variable pricing information to create special "display prices" and other styles. Works great for store signage and other Point of Purchase material.

Scripting Module

Control DesignMerge using AppleScript, JavaScript, or VBScript. Perfect for automated workflows.

Print Drivers

DesignMerge includes a number of built-in, high-performance print drivers for a variety of digital presses and variable-data output formats.





















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