DesignMerge and Silverline Digital - A Winning Combination!

Beth Erlandson, owner/project manager at Silverline Digital in Madison, WI went to the PRINT show in Chicago with the sole purpose of finding a VDP (Variable Data Print) software solution for her company. While other programs that she looked at could accomplish some of the things that she required, when she came upon DesignMerge she knew immediately that it checked all of the boxes and was the solution she had been seeking.

Following is a short interview with Beth, discussing how incorporating DesignMerge into their workflow has resulted in phenomenal growth in just a short period of time.
What is the primary focus of your business?

We have been in business for 24 years. We offer variable data digital print services, concentrating on semi-customized newsletters. We also produce postcards, tickets, brochures… pretty much anything that our clients request.

How do you use DesignMerge?

Our primary focus is on producing semi-customized newsletters. We offer 30 points of customization including graphics and text. Each newsletter client has up to 1000 recipients; client lists are then combined to produce mailings of 60,000, with each piece printed in sort order, and customized for the client and client's recipient. In addition to newsletters, we also produce variable data postcards, mailers, tickets, and more.

Have you faced any particular challenges in the VDP market?

Prior to DesignMerge we were more or less manually building each newsletter for our clients. We weren't able to do as much customization as they might have desired. When I went to the PRINT show to look for a software program, I knew I wanted a solution that would allow us to incorporate variable images as well as text. DesignMerge has the ability to do more things with graphics and text than I had even dreamed of. The Group Picture module is a perfect application for our newsletters allowing us to merge variables within grouped objects. And the level of typographic control that DesignMerge offers is a real thrill!

Why did you choose DesignMerge for your VDP implementation?

DesignMerge is so awesome! I am so impressed with the level of expertise that went into developing the program. The depth to which it accomplishes what a designer wants and needs a VDP software package to do is amazing. Furthermore, one of the happiest surprises for me was the ease of use and the flexibility that DesignMerge offers. Being able to create, test, and adjust the variable elements at the design stage results in the freedom and flexibility that I was searching for.

Is there a particular feature of DesignMerge that you like?

We utilize the Bar Code Utility to create USPS Intelligent Mail Bar codes. For postcards and tickets, being able to output in a Cut and Stack format is wonderful. It allows us to take true advantage of printing a presorted list. We also print numbered items such as tickets, etc. The built-in number sequencing feature is ideal for this application. We can create multi-up tickets with sequential numbers and then output in Cut and Stack order, and we are ready to go!

What have been the results of your DesignMerge implementation?

With DesignMerge we feel unlimited in growth potential! In the first seven months of implementing DesignMerge, we grew 50% with just the one client base (newsletters). Being able to offer the level of customization that DesignMerge allows us to do is the reason that we can market our product and services more aggressively. Plus we couldn't have realized this percentage of growth without the benefit of the automation process that DesignMerge allows. Without DesignMerge, we would have had to add staff to meet the growing volume, and that would have reduced our growth percentage significantly.

Do you anticipate expanding your VDP offerings, or growing this part of your business in the future?

Yes! Honestly, the DesignMerge software offers so much potential for our company. I am currently limited only by my energy! We look forward to increasing our share of the newsletter market, while reaching into new avenues of VDP marketing as well.


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