You Don’t Have to Be Big to Have Big Needs!

Woodland Associates is a small graphic arts company offering simple solutions to their printing customers. But sometimes simple solutions require pretty sophisticated software to get the job done. That’s where DesignMerge comes in.

The following is a short interview with Jay Beber, owner of Woodland Associates, discussing how the DesignMerge software has helped him increase productivity and improve his bottom line.
What type of work do you do with DesignMerge?

We produce Identification material for local law enforcement PBAs.

What kind of challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

In our business, as in many others, there can be no mistakes in our output. Our customers count on us to get them what they need, on a tight schedule and with no errors. In the past this was done by hand, and no matter how accurate the database – when you transfer information by hand, things can happen. DesignMerge has a very easy learning curve. We implemented it into our workflow without skipping a beat. It just worked, no drama, no problems. We were able to skim though the output on screen before sending it to the printer just to “make sure”.

Why did you choose DesignMerge?

Although doing variable data work may be new to some – Meadows Publishing Solutions has been around since the beginning. Their products are mature having been through many revisions over the years. As a result, their user interface is intuitive and right on the money. I didn’t feel like spending my time helping a new developer refine their software. I needed a solution up and running, and the tech support at Meadows really won me over.

What have been the results of implementing DesignMerge in your workflow?

Automating our data entry for variable data printing has had an enormous effect on our productivity and accuracy. I know when I get it right in DesignMerge the output is always perfect. Our customers get their work faster, we have all but eliminated redos, and most important, we make more money.

Is there a particular feature of DesignMerge that you like?

I know this isn’t a feature, but I have to say that once I set up the document using DesignMerge, I just love to flip though the records and watch how perfectly that data pours into the right spot – images are the right size, the right font, the right color. What was the most difficult part of my job just became the easiest..


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