MARQUIS Puts DesignMerge Through its Paces, and Comes Out Ahead

MARQUIS is the largest provider of data analytics software, services, and consulting to financial institutions in the world, providing scalable, results-driven marketing, sales and compliance solutions for over 25 years. One
very important expertise they offer is direct marketing creation, management & fulfillment services. Since 2012 DesignMerge has been key to the success of this facet of their business.

´╗┐Following is a brief interview with Josh Leonard, variable data printing (VDP) programmer, discussing how MARQUIS utilizes DesignMerge software to produce strong, customized "data driven" marketing campaigns for their clients. 
What type of work do you do with DesignMerge?

We use it primarily for creating direct mail pieces. The marketing campaigns that we design for our customers are highly customized, and DesignMerge is an ideal tool for helping us to achieve the level of personalization that our clients demand.

What kind of challenges have you faced in the Variable Data Printing (VDP) market?

Our primary challenge was finding a software program that could provide us with the ability to vary the position of variable text and images within a document for potentially every record in a database. DesignMerge meets that challenge.

Is there one particular features of the software that you really like?

We take full advantage of the DesignMerge Rules Module which allows us to apply fairly complex conditional logic rules to our VDP jobs. Due to the complexity of the pieces that we produce for our clients, this is probably one of the most useful features of the DesignMerge software for us.

As the main programmer, the Rules Module has allowed me to be very creative in specifying what data gets placed on the page for any given record. For example, I can first specify which master page to apply, and then further specify which type of "salutation" to use, and which image to place in a picture frame, all based upon the criteria that I direct DesignMerge to evaluate.

You use a combination of Pro and Starter. Can you elaborate on that a bit

The Starter software is used by our designers to build the InDesign documents and tag the light variables. I then bring those documents into the Pro version of DesignMerge, assign rules, set runarounds, and do the final manipulations. I then produce the merged PDF files for print.

Why did you choose DesignMerge?

Being able to customize the position of the variables on a record by record basis was something that our previous software solution would not allow us to do. We had to bring our documents into Adobe Acrobat and perform manipulations there. With DesignMerge we can manipulate the variable text and pictures directly in InDesign. This has been very helpful.

Also, we needed a software solution that could keep up with our volume. We produce tens of thousands of records per day with every page being unique. It is not unusual for us to process hundreds of thousands of records each week, including postcards, letters, self-mailers, and more. We feel that we have been able to really push DesignMerge. Our unique use of the software has put it through its paces and pushed it to do things it might not have originally been designed to do. It has not let us down. It does what we need it to do. For our unique situation, DesignMerge really works!


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