Technical Bulletins

The DesignMerge™ Technical Bulletin is a periodic bulletin focusing on the DesignMerge XTensions module for QuarkXPress™, companion print drivers, and inherent VI capabilities.

Each issue we take a single DesignMerge capability, overview this function, and link you directly to our web site for a more thorough, illustrated review of the DesignMerge product.

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Bulletin No 1: CopyFit
In the event that the variable text should overflow the text box, CopyFit will automatically resize the text according to parameters defined by the user to ensure that all intended copy is included on the page.

Bulletin No 2: Conditional Logic
Conditional Logic, or “If/Then statements,” is the ability to execute an action based on defined criteria.

Bulletin No 3: Sequencing
Sequencing is literally the order in which the variable records are populated into a layout, and can be used to create multi-up layouts of any document.

Bulletin No 4: VPS Driver for Windows
The DesignMerge VPS Driver creates output that is compatible with any Creo Spire or any VPS-enabled printer, with full support for APR (Automatic Picture Replacement)

Bulletin No 5: VIPP Native Driver
The DesignMerge VIPP Native driver will emit VIPP in a way that eliminates the need for hand-coding, and can help drive printers at rated speed.