Replacement Software Policy

Please note that with the exception of AutoPrice™ and DesignMerge® Pro Bundle, all of our XTensions modules and Plug-ins are delivered in an electronic format.

This means that you will receive via email, a link to our downloads page (where you may download the actual software), and an activation code which must be entered to activate the XTensions module or Plug-in inside of the QuarkXPress or InDesign application.

It is extremely important that you create a backup archive of the software download and retain it, along with the activation codes, in a safe place so that both are readily available should you ever need to reinstall the software.

Important Note Regarding Your Software Archive

Once you have installed and activated your software, the module becomes "keyed" to the QuarkXPress or InDesign serial number at that workstation. Once the XTensions module has been keyed, it cannot be used with a different copy of the QuarkXPress or InDesign application. Therefore it is imperative that you create your software archive immediately after download, and before activating the software at a workstation.

Replacement Software

The downloads page on our web site features the current release of each software module. Provided that the software you need to replace is at the current revision level, you may download it from our web site and reinstall it at your workstation. (You will be required to enter your activation code when you reinstall the software.)

We do not provide copies of older software revision levels. If you did not create a backup archive of the software when you initially downloaded it, and you need to reinstall a software module that is not at the current revision level (as posted on our web site), you may be required to purchase an upgrade.

Replacement Activation Codes

We will provide replacement activation codes for registered software, however we do not archive, nor make available, activation codes for outdated software versions. If the software module is not at the current revision level, an upgrade may be required.