The Meadows technical support department is open from 8:30am until 4:30pm Central Time. Support is available to Product Support Plan (PSP) customers only. PSP customers please open a ticket on our support system for any technical support questions. Our technical support staff will review the ticket and then contact you directly to resolve your issue.

IMPORTANT: Support for macOS Catalina (updated 10-15-2019)

Please note that macOS Catalina is not currently supported by any of the Meadows software installers. As such we strongly advise that you do not upgrade your system to Catalina at this time. Once we have updated our software and installers registered users will be notified of the update by email.

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Standard Support Policies

AutoPrice™ and DesignMerge®

For details about the AutoPrice and DesignMerge technical support policies, including information about our optional Product Support Plan, please click here.

All Other Meadows Products

All other software products are supported via our support system. We will typically respond to a customer query by the next business day, or earlier depending upon the current volume of technical support requests. Please check out the Knowledgebase section of our support website, as this section contains answers to many of the most popular technical support issues for all Meadows software products.

Other Support Information

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