Meadows Product Support Plan (PSP)

For AutoPrice™ and DesignMerge®

The Meadows Product Support Plan (PSP) is an annual subscription-based service that provides unlimited technical support to registered AutoPrice and DesignMerge users beyond the initial 30 day period. The PSP enhances the value of these products by providing additional benefits to the customer which fall outside the scope of the standard technical support policy. PSP subscribers receive the following benefits:

> Technical Support

Customers who subscribe to the PSP are entitled to receive AutoPrice/DesignMerge technical support via our online Support Ticket site. Technical support staff is available to review support tickets and respond to issues between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm CT. We will service a technical support ticket immediately if one of our support personnel is available. Otherwise support tickets will be processed in the order in which they are received. Customers can expect to receive a response by the end of the next business day or sooner.

> 24/7 Access to Online Knowledge Base

An online Knowledge Base is also available 24/7 through our online Support site. The Knowledge Base is a categorized collection of answers to FAQs and serves as an excellent source for resolving technical support questions.

> Notification of Available Product Upgrades and Bug Fixes

Subscribers will be notified via e-mail when product upgrades are available and will be given on-line access to these upgrades for immediate download.

> Security Key Replacement/Exchange

Security keys which have been lost or stolen can be replaced for an appropriate charge. A security key which becomes defective, or will not function, may be exchanged for a new security key at no charge.

> Support for All Other Products

AutoPrice and DesignMerge customers who subscribe to the PSP are also eligible to receive technical support for our other commercially available software products.

Conditions of Support

Subscription to the PSP is not mandatory, however, if the customer chooses to purchase a subscription, one subscription is required for each AutoPrice or DesignMerge software license the customer holds. Support is extended only to the most currently released (or pre-released) version of the product, and one version prior. Support is available to any authorized user of a license for which the customer has subscribed to the PSP.

Term of Plan

The term of the Plan is for one year and is renewed annually on the anniversary date of the sale.

Pricing Policy

Pricing for initial activation of subscriptions to the PSP is determined by the total number of subscriptions being purchased at the time of the order. Renewal pricing will be determined by the total number of registered licenses for which support is being purchased. For customers who hold multiple licenses of a product, a subscription to the PSP must be purchased for all valid licenses held by the customer.

Subscriptions to the PSP are sold at a substantial discount when activated within 30 days of license purchase or when renewed upon expiration. PSA subscriptions which are being activated outside of the 30 day grace period must be purchased at twice the then-current price, unless the PSP is added with an additional license purchase.

Pricing for the PSP may be adjusted on an annual basis as per normal business practices. A client may cancel the PSP at any time, however, pro-rated refunds will not be distributed.

Please contact our sales department for more information, or to receive a price quotation.