Meadows Product Support Plan (PSP)

Plan Overview

The Meadows Product Support Plan (PSP) is included with all Meadows software products that have been purchased under our maintenance licensing. This includes all versions of Meadows software for Adobe Creative Cloud. Some older versions of Meadows software, as well as some OEM or private-branded versions of Meadows software, may provide access to the same PSP services under a separately purchased support plan. The PSP provides for unlimited technical support to registered users of all Meadows software products, subject to the following conditions:

Technical Support Availability

Meadows customers are entitled to receive technical support via our online Support Ticket site. All customers must start by creating a technical support ticket that describes the particular support issue or question. Technical support staff is available to review support tickets and respond to issues between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm Central Time. Technical support tickets will be processed in the order in which they are received. If a support ticket is submitted during normal support hours, customers can expect a response usually within one hour, and very often much sooner. During peak demand for technical support services, or for support tickets submitted outside of the standard support hours, customers can expect to receive a response by the end of the next business day.

24/7 Access to Online Knowledge Base

For active Meadows PSP customers, an online and searchable Knowledge Base is also made available 24/7 through our online support site. The Knowledge Base is a categorized collection of answers and step-by-step instructions to frequently encountered issues that have been previously addressed by our support staff. The Knowledge Base serves as an excellent source for resolving technical support questions quickly.

Notification of Available Product Upgrades and Bug Fixes

PSP subscribers will be notified via e-mail when product upgrades are available and will be given on-line access to these upgrades for immediate download.

Conditions of Support

All software products licensed under the Meadows maintenance program automatically qualify for PSP support services, provided that the software license is up to date and active. Support is extended only to the most currently released (or pre-released) version of the Meadows product, and one version prior.

Term of Plan

The term of the Plan is typically for one year. Maintenance customers automatically renew their PSP privileges when they renew their licensed software.